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Should You Turn Your API into Asynchronous?

When Should You Turn Your API into Asynchronous? There are a couple of cases that you should consider turning your APIs into asynchrnous: Computation-intenstive (Time-consuming) If your API is about some heavy computation which may not return shortly, you certainly want to make it asynchronous. If your API is time consuming – which is larger Continue Reading »

How Video Merge Works?

Submit API for Video/File Segments URL Wait for Slots Server Downloads URL Server Merges Them Server Post Back the Target URL Server Deletes the Files/Data in 48 Hours The API: API to Merge Files/Videos Segments Submit URLs to merge API: $curl -X POST -s “https://slowapi.com/api/merger/” -d “s=URL1\nURL2\nURL3\n” This will return on sucess the following: { Continue Reading »