How Video Merge Works?

  1. Submit API for Video/File Segments URL
  2. Wait for Slots
  3. Server Downloads URL
  4. Server Merges Them
  5. Server Post Back the Target URL
  6. Server Deletes the Files/Data in 48 Hours

The API:

API to Merge Files/Videos Segments

Submit URLs to merge API:

$curl -X POST -s "" -d "s=URL1\nURL2\nURL3\n"

This will return on sucess the following:

  "id": "5",
  "ip": "146.200.108.X",
  "code": "mtcSCZbrQ2FGJtNnMdyKZ5Eh96UApB9O",
  "status": ""

Query the status URL:

  "status": "ok",
  "expiry": "2021-01-18 17:18:47",
  "url": "",
  "code": "mtcSCZbrQ2FGJtNnMdyKZ5Eh96UApB9O",
  "id": "5",
  "ip": "146.200.108.X"

If the files have not yet been merged, the status will be “pending”.

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