Separating the Web Server from the API Server

It is always a good idea to separate the web server (normally used to host the front-end UI/site) to its APIs. This has several advantages:

Avoid the Single Point of Failures

If you have only 1 server that acts as both Front-end and Back-end, when the server goes down, it is down. And it is not easy to scale up.

Scale up the Front end or/and Backend

If we separate webservers from front end and back end, we can usually use load balancer to scale them up respectively. The static Front-end site (stateless) is perfect for scaling. And we can use a load balancer to invoke the API servers that are least load or using other load balancing algorithms.

We can also shard the database which is known as horizontal scaling to split the load.

Currently, the slowapi Files/Video merger is still hosting on one single VPS – due to insufficient funds. Looking for sponsorship!

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