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A Glimpse into the Backend Process of Video/File Merger

The backend uses NodeJs to listen to new records in MySQL database every 15 seconds. The Process Manager is using PM2. And here is what it looks like when new requests are fetched from MySQL. 0|merger | Server responded with 404: Not Found 0|merger | cat ‘/var/www/merger/data/868_074j2xOs4’ ‘/var/www/merger/data/868_1SaNUl8hl’ ‘/var/www/merger/data/868_22bXwEuEP’ ‘/var/www/merger/data/868_3myehAtd2’ ‘/var/www/merger/data/868_48EMnMgZ1’ ‘/var/www/merger/data/868_5IMGMXJpo’ ‘/var/www/merger/data/868_6dtz EyIjl’ ‘/var/www/merger/data/868_74vZCAdZs’ Continue Reading »