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CloudFlare’s Worker Support the Unbounded Usage Model – Perfect for Slow API

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Previously, the CloudFlare’s bounded usage model does not have a hard limit on the HTTPS API call time, instead it charges based on the CPU time which is 10ms for free plan, and 50ms for paid plan.

Now, you can switch to unbounded usage model – which will allow you to run API up to 30 seconds. This is interesting as we can have intensive calculation (not limtied to 50ms CPU time) on the CloudFlare worker, and this can be used to shift the computation tasks on the serverless edge nodes on the cloudflare network.

Cloudflare also offers durable object, KV pairs – which can be used to store the persistant data on the edge nodes – meaning that we can merge videos and store them on the edge nodes – totally workable and serverless. This improves greatly the avaiblitly and reduces the maintenance overhead. However, it might be costly.

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